Laura Kate Jones took her first photo with a Canon T50 at age seven. When she was eight, she entered her first photo contest with a striking sunrise shot she took while at summer camp.  Yet photography always felt more like a hobby to Laura Kate, a way to celebrate her biggest loves:  great music, beautiful design, and the interesting people she seemed destined to meet.

The consummate Southern girl, Laura Kate left Pine Bluff, Arkansas for Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Three months studying art in New York during her freshman year exposed Laura Kate to the rhythm of a cosmopolitan art scene, and when she graduated, she moved to the urban artists' enclave of Charleston, South Carolina, where she practiced interior design for four years. But whether it was local bands, old friends, or Charleston's sumptuous architecture, Laura Kate always kept shooting.

It was while working for a record label in Nashville, soaking up the vibes of the music industry, and watching unknown bands be transformed by the lenses of some of the music industry’s most famous photographers, that Laura Kate realized her hobby could become her dream career. Five years out of college, she packed up her Nikon for the Portfolio Center, the internationally renowned photography school in Atlanta, Georgia.  Embracing the creative environment, she thrived in the school’s rigorous ad-based program.  Two years after graduation, Laura Kate’s photos graced the cover of People.

Laura Kate is known for her ability to capture the explosive raw energy of performances, find the intimate moments at extravagant Hollywood happenings, and pique a subject's personality with her Southern charm. Her work has been published in Esquire, People, Jane, US Weekly, Inside TV and Charleston Magazine. She lives and works in Los Angeles, with both her Nikon and Leica at her side.